Small and Medium Businesses

When you're running your own business, you often focus on very operational tasks and need effective support.

The information technologies could help your business by reducing costs (tasks automation,...), mitigate risks (secure important data, keep tracks of procedures,...) and help finding new clients (website, emailing,....).

With a very large set of technical skills (repairing computers, installing servers or virtualisation, improving network, auditing security, software development, web management,...) and management skill (setting up budget, change management, team management,...) we could define with you which kind of customized services your business needs. We could provide a wide range of solution. These solutions include knowledge transfer through workshop where you'll learn effective and practical know-how or a specific co-working project - it's very useful, for example, when you're seting up a website with tools like workpress or joomla: we'll build it together so you'll learn how to make it and maintain its content. Doing this, you could then manage updates on your own and you'll save money!

The most important thing is that we want to build with you a long and trusty relationship. To do so, we don't have a magic spell and we don't have pre-existing service we'll try to sell. We prefer to meet our client during a free chat and see how we could help you. If you like this approach, don't hesitate to send us a message or to contact Stephan.