National and International Companies

We are able to offer a large scale of services:

part-time IT management
full-time IT management on a specific period of time
project management
team management (for example for specific maintenance operations during the week-end or at night)
Technical management and architecture design

We could also provide highly customized services that suit your needs.

We +20 years of managing IT department, we had gained experience in a lot of fields:
- Managing teams and transition to offshore
- Fitting business needs and managing SLA
- Managing projects and changes
- Managing budget, contracts, contractors, cost killings
- Architecture's designs
- Auditing organisations

We always spend several years at each of our employers' service so we used to take/propose decision, put them in place and be there if something is going wrong ... this long term experience seems to us very important when we give advice.

As we are confident in our skills, we don't want to lock you in any sort of plan.